Golden Age comics are hard to come by, but you can bid on copies of Superman 1, 2 and 3 which are going up for auction right now.  From BleedingCool:

It’s not often that copies of Superman #1, #2 and #3 come onto the market. It’s even less often that they come on all at once. Well, All About Books And Comics are selling their copies, bought from Sothebys in 1992.

“Issue #1 is flat and clean with off-white pages, but the front and back covers have become detached from each other and the spine.  The interior advertisement of the “Superman of America” coupon has been cleanly clipped out, but does not affect the interior story. Overall, an exceptionally beautiful copy, and the grade would easily be in the F/VF range if not for the two stated defects. Both the front and back cover still maintain nice bright color luster. The inside of the front cover is browning but not brittle. The inside of the back cover is tanning but not brittle. As flat and clean as the front and back covers are, the spine is easily restorable. Issue #2 is a solid CGC Fine+ 6.5. Issue #3 is an “apparent” slight restored, CGC graded VG+ 4.5, with cream to off-white pages.”

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