has a taste of what digital distributors like Comixology and Graphicly are subject to when distributing Marvel comics on their digital storefronts.

So you’re a digital comics distributor. How do you get to distribute Marvel comics? Well, there are rules. This is a major brand, one of the biggest in comics. You need to commit.

  1. First, you get what content you’re given, you don’t get to ask for specific comics. Even if your rival has them. You only get what Marvel give you.
  2. The minimum price you can sell the comics for is $1.99.
  3. Marvel get a minimum of 70% of sales revenue, after cuts from the likes of Apple have been taken.
  4. And, the kicker, you pay Marvel between $150,000 and $250,000 as an advance against sales. The more you pay as an advance, the more content you get to distribute.

Despite all this, digital sales on traditional comic books aren’t exactly stellar yet. We’re talking four figure sales, not five, even of the bigger titles. And now being spread over a number of distributors. Over the four companies currently distributing Marvel titles, some may not last the year. There is consolidation to come.

My sincere hope is that there becomes a balance as digital distribution comes into its own. At present there are no clear paths, and while everyone wants a slice of the pie, it seems that the pieces are being divided up somewhat unevenly, as pointed out by Mark Millar.

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