While I can’t say Archie is on the top of my pull list, the character and line of books are undeniably a staple of american comics.  Which is what makes it so nice to see that Archie’s publishers are looking to the future by bringing digital comics forward.  Starting in April the entire line of Archie comics will be released digitally right alongside their print brethren.  I can think of no other publisher jumping into digital distribution so strongly.

“Archie is an icon that’s recognized and read around the world,” said Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater in a post to the publisher’s official blog. “It’s our goal to make Archie’s stories and those of his friends available to everyone and anyone that’s interested in his adventures. Digital provides us with the tools to reach out to a whole new readership, and we’re excited and emboldened by the opportunities going day-and-date line-wide presents. This is an exciting day for Archie and the comic book industry.”

Read the rest of the article and interview over at Comics Alliance.

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