Last week Joe Quesada stepped down (or rather up) from his role as Editor in Chief to formally become Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.  The fine folks over at Comic Book Resources talked to Joe about the transition and a little post mortem about his time as EiC.

Ever since I started getting more involved with Marvel Studios about two years back, reading the tea leaves, it became very evident to me that I was going to start to get spread thin between divisions. So going as far back as that, I was meeting with our Publisher, Dan Buckley, and we started to formulate a plan. I’ve always said that a job like Marvel’s EIC comes with an expiration date — no one should hold the seat and keep it and plan to retire at an old age holding on to it. I feel it’s important to know when it’s time to move aside and give someone else the wheel. This is especially true when, like me, you have so many incredible people working on staff. I love people getting promoted from within, and watching guys like Axel and Tom and Nick Lowe get well earned promotions makes me incredibly happy in a fatherly kind of way, though I would never, ever admit it to them.

There’s plenty more over at Comic Book Resources.  Here is PART 1 of there interview and here is PART 2.

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