While New Comics Day will remain on Wednesdays, retailers will now be able to get their shipments of comics the day before, allowing time to prepare their shelves and inventory so Wednesdays can start smoothly for the comics buying crowd.  From bleedingcool.com:

Tomorrow is one of the larger changes in the relationship between distributor and retailer, in the firect market. Because as of tomorrow, Diamond are choosing to trust the retailer. To ship them all their week’s comic s on the Tuesday for sale on Wednesday. A number of major stores already get this treatment, but now it’s going cross country, giving retailers a chance to sort their comics for sale, on the wall or in subscriber boxes so when they open on Wednesday it’s all ready. No more retail staff having customers waiting around for the delivery while they sort them out, feeling the burn of dozens of eyes in the back of their head.

I was a comic shop clerk once too you know, For about three weeks.

And any shop caught out selling their comics early will be fined by having their early ship options removed. A retailer-paid-for mystery shopper operation will help ensure this.

In the UK, the change will be more apparent, as New Comic Day shifts from Thursday to Wednesday, the same as in the USA and Canada, a change pushed for by DC Comics’ SVP Bob Wayne. But the time difference means that Brits will get their American comics between five and eight hours earlier than their American countrparts.

Which means, in a reversal of fortune, now Americans will have to watch out for spoilers on Twitter and Facebook just like, well, we Brits have been doing forever.

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