Over at Todd Klein’s blog he remembers a colleague who passed away recently, colorist Adrienne Roy.  From his blog:

I  was sad to hear of the passing of Adrienne Roy a few days ago. It wasn’t a surprise, I’d learned she was seriously ill about a year earlier. During the ten years I spent on staff at DC in the Production Department I saw and spoke to her often, she was a busy colorist for all of those years (1977-87). The sample color guide by Adrienne above was her stock in trade. In the years before computer coloring, hand-painted photocopies of comics art, like this page from Detective 562, were produced by colorists like Adrienne and her husband Tony Tollin in great quantity, using specific dyes to indicate to the separators (also working by hand) which colors to put where. The codes had to be added by the colorist after the color guides were finished and approved, and much of the time Adrienne spent in the office was to pencil those in, usually with someone hovering nearby ready to rush them off to the separation house in Connecticut.

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