IDW isn’t new to the digital comics distribution game, but they are trying to spearhead a slightly new approach by giving some focus to collections rather than single issues sold on their digital apps. From The Comics Alliance:

Other than a few notable exceptions, mainly The Walking Dead and Atomic Robo, digital comics generally take the form of a traditional floppy comic book: 22 pages of story. While this is a commonly accepted format, it isn’t the ideal one for digital books. Part of the beauty of digital comics is that you can read a lot all at once, without worrying about space, weight, or digging into longboxes. Long-form digital comics, whether in the form of graphic novels or otherwise, are definitely going to be a part of the future of comics.

IDW’s Digital Graphic Novels are an interesting stab in that direction. Rather than the panel by panel view that most digital comics use right now, the DGNs are taking advantage of the iPad’s increased screen size to present the comics in a way that comes the closest to emulating how we read comics. We see the full page before we see the panels, and the impact of each panel is therefore exactly as its creator intended.

The price point, and the fact that the books come as individual apps, are similarly interesting choices. Digital Graphic Novels being individual apps makes them searchable in the App Store, which isn’t possible with books that are located within an umbrella app. For full-size books, meaning longer than pamphlet form, five to ten dollars is a pretty reasonable price. It’s in the same price range as mass market paperbacks and overall cheaper than the print release, despite including all of the same content as the printed book.

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