With the year drawing to a close it is a fine time to look back at December 2009 and see a distinct lack of digital distribution for comics.  So the fine folks over at The Comics Alliance have taken some time to sit down with DC’s Digital arm, or more specifically Hank Kanalz, Senior Vice President, Digital for DC Entertainment, to talk about the state that digital comics find them self in.

A few excerpts:

CA: The industry-wide digital comics rollout has been fairly conservative. How do you go about choosing which series get converted to digital comics first?

HK: That’s actually a complex process that isn’t based solely on sales in the print world. We try to balance our releases, which I’m happy to see people actually noticing. Everyone wants everything digitally available NOW, but digital doesn’t mean “instant” — there is a lot of work that goes into preparing our material digitally. So, we want to be sure that there is compelling content released on a regular basis.

CA: Day and date comics — released in digital format on the same day as in comic shops — are another sticking point with digital comics. DC already produces at least one day and date title, and a fairly significant one, at that. For non-day and date comics, how do you decide how far behind the print release the digital comics release should lag?

HK: We get tons of requests for more day and date books! We only have the one book now (Justice League: Generation Lost), with a few more on the way very soon. Much of this is dictated by the production schedule. As I mentioned, “digital” doesn’t mean “instant,” and with the prep and approval process in place with our digital platform partners, we often cannot get a book out on the same day as in print. Hard to believe in the digital age, but it’s how things work right now.

For Brightest Day, we decided to put out in alternating weeks from the print book, but timed with the hardcover collection of the first arc. We have something “new” for Brightest Day each week now.

Read the whole interview HERE.

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