Even when I ask an editor what their job is I never get the same response twice.  Here writer Jason Aaron talks about his experiences with editors and what he sees as their job.

From CBR:

Good question, Jared, and the answer really depends on what sort of company you’re working with and what sort of project it is. But generally, an editor is like an air traffic controller. Their job is to shepherd all the planes through the sky and bring everybody in for safe landings and avoid any outright disasters.

As a writer, my job generally just involves writing a script and turning it over to the editor. After that, I’ll see art come in and offer any notes I might have, generally relayed through the editor instead of directly. Then I’ll see a lettered PDF of the book and make any last minute lettering changes I might have. And that’s it. I rarely have any direct contact with the colorist or the letterer on the book. Sometimes I won’t even have direct contact with the artist. The editor manages all of that.

Even if it’s the writer who’s setting the course, the editor is still the one piloting the ship.

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