Jason Pearson’s facebook page has been an interesting place to be lately. To put it mildly. Over the winter the fan favorite artist posted about how the lack of work was getting the better of him. Fans and pros alike tried to show their support for him. Well after some time with a little bit of silence Jason posted again and it seems like we are in store for some more work from the creator of Body Bags. On top of that he posted some amazing work he has done on commission as well as a breakdown on how he approached one of Domino from X-Force.

Here are a few excerpts from his post:

It has to feel right.

Before Joe Peacock interrupted me from committing suicide last December, that sentence, despite my drunken state, screamed repeatedly at me. It is, in truth, why I’m still alive. It screamed louder than my depression, my anger, my hate. Nine months since, I have only just begun to discover how much that statement has haunted my existence. In every step that I have taken throughout my life, those five words have permeated every decision in regard to life and love, death and consequence. Art and story has simply been my feeble, human attempt to explain.

My next Body Bags arc entails sudden revelations about Mack and Panda’s approach in life and the true nature of their relationship. The first story is simply titled “Vicious”. It is to showcase Mack in his most truest of appearances as he dismantles a kidnapping ring single-handily. The next story, a mini-series, is tentatively called “Black Viking”, where Mack and Panda must kill an old friend.

I would love to say these stories are done and will be in your hands next month but the truth is I just started laying out the storyboards. Sadly, I am not independently wealthy and will need your help to produce these projects. I am worth 200 dollars right now and bills don’t stop coming because I found my ‘path’. A lot of idiots are resorting to Kickstarter and I, the biggest idiot of them all, will probably have to as well. Although, it should be my last option.

The Comic Archive extends our support and hope to see more amazing work from the always talented Mr. Pearson.

via Jason Pearson’s Facebook Page

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