The folks over at The Comics Journal did a very in depth interview with writer/artist Brandon Graham, whose King City for Image is a fan, and creator, favorite. He covers many things, openign up quite a lot about his family life and his relationship with comics. Here’s an excerpt:

GRAHAM: And I don’t even know how accurate that is. I remember being really obsessed with Fallout after I saw Hate. I was like, “This is a real store that Peter Bagge probably goes to.” And that was real exciting to me, that it was happening in the same town as me, but the idea of a Japanese-animation-obsessed, middle-school-dropout teenage me trying to interact with Peter Bagge? At the time I was like, “Why the fuck isn’t there a scene?” or “Why can’t I relate to these people?” But now I look back and I think, “What would they have said to me?” I mean, yeah, I fuckin’ like Dragon Ball too.
BURNS: (Laughs). The brother that brought the manga home was Keith?
GRAHAM: Yeah. I have two younger siblings that my mother adopted when I was much older. Like when I was in my twenties.
BURNS: Were they American kids?
GRAHAM: They’re Mexican American. My parents are divorced and my father lives in a desert in central Oregon and my mom lives in Seattle. She remarried a Mexican guy and really got into the culture. It’s really interesting. I’m really obsessed with culture, but I almost feel like my childhood culture, when I go back and visit my mom, it’s just not there anymore. They literally have a sombrero hung over their front door and mariachi music and everything. And that’s them, and it’s probably better to evolve than stay the same, but you know, my girlfriend, she goes to her parent’s house and she’s like, “This is exactly how it was.” I kind of wish I had a time capsule like that to go back to almost.

Click HERE for the complete interview.
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