Todd Klein, one of the great letterers out there, shared a peak behind the “Fables” curtain over at his blog.

At the San Diego con this year, inker Steve Leialoha showed me some of the original art for FABLES, and I found it intriguing for several reasons. First, Bucky is working almost at printed size instead of the usual larger art board size, about 150% of printed size. This shows Bucky’s great control of his linework. I’ve only known two other artists who worked at or close to printed size: Linda Medley on CASTLE WAITING, and Trevor Von Eeden back in the 1980s on THRILLER, among others. (A few artists like Gene Ha work at a size somewhere between art board and printed size, but not usually this small.) Note that this is the central portion of page 9, FABLES 108, not page 8, as Bucky has written at the top, so either he added a page after this one was finished, or counted wrong. As in all the FABLES art Bucky does, the narrow side panels are put in later, and are often repeated, with a particular pair for each setting or scene.

Check out Todd’s Blog for a complete step by step walk through the process.

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