Drawing from a lengthy career in comics, and specifically the times spent hanging out with fellow creators at conventions and comic shows, Bryan Talbot has put together a book of the ups and downs when creators and fans get together for a few days at a go. “Naked Artist”, which Bleeding Cool was kind enough to point out has been released in digital form, refreshed and expanded, is a treasure trove of stories about creators. Sometimes at their best, sometimes their worst. Either way it is always entertaining.

At this point I am halfway through reading the book. Last night after work I sat down with it and could not stop reading. The stories are addictive and I’m sure if Bryan put out a second volume I would buy it immediately. As it stands this is the only volume. It’s a very reasonably priced purchase, I got mine for $2.99 through Amazon.

Quoted from Bleeding Cool:

“I’d started collecting more anecdotes, just on the off-chance that it might have been worth doing a sequel, but the book was so poorly advertised thatnot many people heard of it. The stories have been integrated into the original. For a while I considered calling it The Naked Artist – Engorged!

“I think that many people who did hear of the book got totally the wrong impression of it. It’s not a book of gossip. It’s not “Comics Babylon” in that it doesn’t tell tales about private sexual relationships or tragic personal lives. It’s just a collection of the funny stories told by comic pros. When I realised how many I knew, I thought it was worth documenting them for posterity.

“After the furore around the single Dave Sim story, I felt I had to add a paragraph or so to redress the balance”.

One particular story about a seemingly doomed convention in Spain where Peter Bagge was to recieve a reward had me crying I laughed so hard. Another story where dutch artist Frans Mensink trekked through a Russian blizzard to attend a showing of his work really touched me.

This book has a true treasure trove of amazing stories of some of the most influential creators interacting with one another. It is a facet of comic book history that is rarely talked about and certainly hard to find. HIGHLY recommended.

via Bleeding Cool

source Naked Artist

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