Over at BoingBoing they have posted a link to an audio excerpt of a book recounting the Underground Comics surge in San Francisco from 1968-78. Surrealism, adult themes and counter-culture were at the heart of the movement.

When they had their fill of time at the drawing board, the cartoonists would wander by the shop and shoot the breeze with Gary and whoever else showed up. Surrounded by a mix of golden age comics pinned to the walls in stiff plastic sleeves and expanding racks of the new underground comix, the underground artists could develop a sense of their movement as situated within a comics continuum extending back decades. New possibilities were still in the air, courtesy of a countercultural milieu that seemed to have embraced the upsurge of comix, allowing artists to propel themselves in new directions, discovering new taboos to violate or new envelopes to push.

Click HERE to listen in and click HERE to go to find out more about the book, “Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78″.

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