One of my current favorite series is Rocket Girl from writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder. And a big part of that is Amy’s super kinetic artwork. On her tumblr she shows the process for creating one of the iconic covers to the series.


hr_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_29.jpgIn a small sidestep from what usually gets posted here I wanted to share the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Mostly because I am super psyched to see this movie.

Just a heads up that while at Staple! in Austin, Clay Dugger over at The Con Cast interviewed me for his podcast. I give a little info about what I’ve been up to and how that is going. (The condensed version is I’m continuing to work hard at the long form piece about indie comics, hence being at Staple!)

Give a listen here!

aSuperman2LSeriously, that is what he needs help with. Joe Phillips is a long time fan-favorite artist, whose work has graced the pages of all the major publishers. He’s also diabetic. Recently he suffered complication from the disease and his foot was amputated below the knee. He’s having trouble covering his medical bills to get a prosthetic foot. You can help by donating to a fundraiser organized by his friend Cully Hamner. This is a good cause for someone in need of our help. If you can throw a few dollars his way it would go a long way. If not please take a minute to share with your rich friends.

Click here to donate.

super_friends__by_yalestewart-SMALLOne of my favorite webcomics creators, Yale Stewart, took some time to talk about his career and his process of making comics.